January 20, 2016

Some of us get trapped in the mentality that losing weight is about dieting and restriction. The truth is, it is about MODERATION. Moderating what you eat is a "learned" behaviour and is a much healthier approach to weight loss than the "All or Nothing" approach. Here's how you know you might be caught in the All or Nothing mentality. If you've ever thought "I will start my diet on Monday, so I will eat whatever I want now." O...

January 15, 2016

The human adult body on average contains about 60% water. Water is contained in every cell, tissue and organ. The body uses water to help regulate temperature, facilitate the transportation of oxygen throughout the body, aid digestion and the break down of food, as well as the removal of waste.  Water is essential for sustaining life!


Water in the body is lost through daily bodily functions including respiration, but one of th...

January 11, 2016

When the days become shorter and the weather turns colder it is all to easy to loose motivation, make up silly excuses and set ourselves apart from the health and fitness goals we just set for the new year. 


This article does a great job of providing "out of the box" ideas for staying active this winter and recommends that you spend a little bit of time planning the activities you would...

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