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Exercise Fights Parkinson's!

At Active Living Fitness Club we have two fitness classes that are strictly dedicated to those living with Parkinson's Disease. Over the past year we have established a small community of members with Parkinson's Disease who have been benefiting from our "Staying Active With Parkinson's Class" as well as the beginner level "Learning to Stay Active With Parkinson's Class".

As the main instructor for these classes I have also been benefiting from them. I have learned some of the best exercises to help challenge gait, balance and posture and have learned how to adapt exercises to suit the needs of every participant's abilities.

Just recently, one of the participants introduced me to a programme called "Rock Steady Boxing". After looking into it, it inspired me to adopt some of their training principles and use them in my classes. The Rock Steady Boxing program uses boxing as a form of high intensity exercise training for people fighting Parkinson's disease. This "non contact" form of exercise training challenges the body physically and neurologically. It promotes a faster movement response, reaction time and is a great cardio workout.

Click the links to learn more about the Rock Steady Program:

As a personal trainer, I have not only developed a better understanding of exercise for Parkinson's, I have learned more about the disease itself. Parkinson's is a neurodegenerative brain disorder that progresses slowly in most people. In reference to The National Parkinson Foundation, a person's brain stops producing a neurotransmitter called dopamine and over time, that person has less and less ability to regulate their movements, body and emotions. Recent studies have shown that higher intensity exercises that focus on functional movements can slow the progression of the disease and control symptoms. The participants of the Parkinson's classes frequently tell me that their tremors usually subside after a class and they report having better balance and posture in every day activities.

All in all, the main reason why the participants have been experiencing positive results is because of their dedication to their health and commitment to the Staying Active With Parkinson's classes.

Click the link to check out our class schedule:

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