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If you are thinking of making a lifestyle change or want to know the best way to exercise with an injury or disability, our highly trained, professional staff can custom design a workout program specific to you and your fitness goals. Our personal trainers offer one-on-one training in an open environment and will be there to motivate and keep you accountable to reaching your next level of fitness. 


Sessions are available individually or in packs of 10 at a cost of $50 per session or $45 per session if purchased within a pack.  

Contact us for more details!


Exercise support is something unique to our facility.  There are several ways that we can offer support so that you are able to fully access every piece of equipment.  We can help with transfers on and off equipment, we can help remind you of your program, we can help motivate you to attend regularly, or we can assist you to safely use the more tricky machines.  But for most, the biggest thing we provide is the motivation to keep you on target.

Whatever your ability, we want to help you use our facility to the fullest.  

Prices and packages will be determined at your assessment.


Contact us for more details!

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