November 27, 2017

This article from Women's Health Magazine explains all the benefits of eating healthy fats. Healthy fats are not "man made" and come from natural sources like avocado, nuts, salmon etc. Eating these types of foods actually helps with weight loss because they allows us to properly absorb vitamins and can keep us full for a longer period of time.

Click the lin...

October 12, 2017

According to October is Exercise Is Medicine month! Exercise is Medicine (EIM) is a global health initiative that is focused on encouraging primary health care physicians and other health care providers to include physical activity when designing treatment plans for patients and referring their patients to recognized Exercise Professionals. EIM is committed to the belief that physical acti...

September 27, 2017

This article from outlines the importance of exercise after a stroke. There is evidence that exercise improves stroke recovery by controlling weight, controlling high blood pressure and fighting depression. The article also outlines that "sitting around after having a stroke is not helpful". If you or someone you know has suffered a stroke, co...

June 27, 2017

 Here at Active Living Fitness we have the most impressive selection of stability balls! This simple piece of exercise equipment is inexpensive and can offer you a large variety of different ways of challenging your strength for any level of fitness. 

If you are looking for some new and exciting exercises to try on the stability ball click the link below or come ask one of our trainers! 


June 21, 2017

Last week I tried this recipe from the nourishing, and was happy with the result of these energy bites! The prep time is minimal so it was easy to make extra to keep in the freezer to have on hand when needed. ENJOY! 

May 8, 2017

 Active Living Physiotherapy and Fitness Club is one of the 63 teams already signed up for the 2017 Peterborough Dragon Boat Festival taking place this June. We are new to the race scene this year and the majority of us have never participated before. With limited "in-boat" practise time, I took it upon myself to look up a specific training program that targets the major muscle groups involved in producing a powerful stroke to...

January 6, 2017

Welcome to 2017!

Have you been thinking about improving your fitness this year? Set yourself up for success by setting smaller training goals. It is easy to give up on your exercise routine if you don't have a clear plan or unreal expectations.

If you're unsure of where to begin this year, here are a couple tricks to help get you started on the journey of becoming a healthier, happier you!


A great example...

December 14, 2016

Winter is the time of year when the topic of "Falls Prevention" is brought up more than usual. Snowy and slippery conditions outside heighten the risk of falling which can result in serious injuries especially amongst our senior population. 

It is clear that regular exercise is simply the best way to build up strength, balance and coordination to reduce the risk of falling. If you're someone who thinks they may benefit exercisi...

November 21, 2016

Over the weekend I watched a documentary on Netflix called "Hungry for Change". The documentary film goes into detail about some of the main concerns with our modern day, highly processed diets. This particular film does an excellent job explaining what actually happens to our bodies when we eat poorly and will make you want to change the way you eat. 

Hungry for change:


October 20, 2016

The staff here at Active Living Fitness Club and Active Living Physiotherapy are embracing the cool fall weather by accepting the challenge to participate in the Angus Glen Fall Race Weekend.

Cath Chambers, one of our massage therapists, has been the leader behind this and somehow convinced 6 of us to start training for the 10 Miler or the 10 K race happening in Markham on November 6th. Wit...

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