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Weight Loss For Women Program

Starting October 17th 2016 right after Thanksgiving weekend!

The program is set up for members of Active Living Fitness Club and will run four times per week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings at 10:00am for a six month time period. Please note that in order to be successful in this program you will need to:


  • Commit to the entire six month program

This long term program is designed for weight loss results and is geared toward women looking for a lifestyle change. The six month time period allows enough time for positive changes to slowly be implemented in ones lifestyle


  • Be willing to exercise minimum three - four times per week

As a member of Active Living Fitness Club any participant that misses a session has the opportunity to make it up on their own time in our 24 hour gym.


  • Be willing to work on nutrition habits

Healthy nutrition habits make up the majority of the success of any weight loss program. In this program we will have open discussions about nutrition and there will be weekly challenges to help promote healthy eating.


  • Be willing to exercise at a high intensity

Because the program is set up to progress each participant, we will be working up to exercising at an intensity where you can expect an elevated heart rate and full body movements. 


The Weight Loss for Women program will focus on mainly exercises for weight loss as well as provide a positive small group environment. We are looking for a group of ladies that are committed to change, and will support each other through the journey. 


Please contact Emily if you have any questions regarding this program. I look forward to hearing from you!

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