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Common Dinner Mistakes

With the holiday season fast approaching, these 6 dinner tips can help prevent any holiday weight gain.

  1. Making dinner the biggest meal - If dinner is your main source of food for the day it can lead to over indulgence. Whether or not your meals are healthy, too much food is too much food.

  2. Placing large serving dishes on the table - People tend to load up their plates regardless of how big it is. Try grabbing a smaller dish out of the cupboard.

  3. Grazing in front of the TV - Distracted eating or mindless eating can also lead to overindulgence, with no thought of how much we are actually stuffing into our mouths.

  4. Keeping salt on the table - this can lead to sodium overload! Stock the table with other seasonings like dried herbs!

  5. Going out for dinner too often - Restaurant meals are quite often much higher in calories, sodium, fats and sugar. Try to limit eating out to only once per week.

  6. Grabbing dessert! - Dessert after dinner can lead to calorie overload. It can also cause blood sugars to spike which may also interfere with proper sleep patterns.

Be mindful when eating delicious dinner food and remember to stop when you're full!

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