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Women and Weight Loss

In an effort to promote our new up and coming Weight Loss for Women program, I thought I would take this opportunity to fully explain the benefits of group training and the success that can come from surrounding yourself with other like minded people working towards the same goal. Here are some major points about exercise that I have broken down into the areas of Accountability, Simplicity and Support.

Accountability: Having a group or team of people expecting you to show up can be more incentive for you to "get up and go" rather than just being accountable for yourself. A program that asks for your commitment up front gets you in the proper mindset of thinking "I can do this long term".

Simplicity: A lot of the time weight loss is complicated and can be overwhelming to figure out where to even begin. Our new weight loss program provides the right amount of exercise and the basics of proper nutrition to set you up for success. It's also designed to start and end at the same time each day which allows you to fall into a good exercise habit that becomes easy to follow a daily routine.

Support / Community: By focusing on women only, we're hoping we can provide the most open, friendly and non intimidating environment for ladies to share past experiences, and relate to one another's past struggles. Our hope is that our members develop relationships with our trainers so they use us for extra support and advice.

If you have struggled with weight loss and have no idea where or how to even start exercising, the Active Living Weight Loss for Women Program is the right place to start. Check out the link below if you would like more information directly relating to the program.

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