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The Best Accountability

The staff here at Active Living Fitness Club and Active Living Physiotherapy are embracing the cool fall weather by accepting the challenge to participate in the Angus Glen Fall Race Weekend.

Cath Chambers, one of our massage therapists, has been the leader behind this and somehow convinced 6 of us to start training for the 10 Miler or the 10 K race happening in Markham on November 6th. With Cath being an experienced runner, she has done a great job of motivating us and even gave each of us a training schedule to follow along with.

It has been entertaining to watch a lot of us "non runners" try to become fluent stride machines. Although most of us are what you could consider to be relatively "fit" we are definitely not the running kind of fit. For me, the training process has been tough and difficult to keep up with, but truth is, I have never had a better support system. Changing my mind or dropping out of the race is not an option at this point. I have never felt more accountable.

My advice: If you have a health/fitness goal you'd like to achieve but have never been successful doing on your own, grab your co workers and gain some of the best accountability!

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