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Start Small in 2017

Welcome to 2017!

Have you been thinking about improving your fitness this year? Set yourself up for success by setting smaller training goals. It is easy to give up on your exercise routine if you don't have a clear plan or unreal expectations.

If you're unsure of where to begin this year, here are a couple tricks to help get you started on the journey of becoming a healthier, happier you!


A great example of starting small is to plan to only exercise once per week. If you're thinking "where will only exercising once per week get me?" Consider this: Before you can expect results you must be able to make exercise habitual and consistent. Most of us have a hard time staying committed to any gym routine so this a realistic starting point for anyone new to exercise.

Start with a very simple workout that doesn't require exercising for hours on end.

Here is a simple and effective workout that can help get you started and build up confidence in the gym. The following workout consists of all functional exercises that target each major muscle group in the body. It is suitable for beginners but can be modified to accommodate all levels of ability.

Warm up:

-5-10 min cardio machine (seated bike, walking on treadmill etc.)


-Sit to stands from bench:

Start in a seated position with good posture. Initiate the standing position by slowly hinging forward at the hips and transferring your weight onto both feet evenly. Make sure to initiate the downward movement in the same slow and controlled manor.

-Stability ball wall squats:

Position the stability ball against the wall in the small of your back. Walk both feet forward slightly to ensure you're leaning against the ball. Initiate the movement by pushing the hips back and bending through the knees as if you were going to sit in an imaginary chair. Your legs should make a 90 degree angle to indicate the end of the movement. Push back up into a standing position and repeat.

-Standing cable back rows:

Using a tension cable system, select a weight range that you can manage for 15 repetitions. In a standing position make sure you start with feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent and in good upper body posture. Start with tension on the cable with arms out straight. Initiate the movement by evenly pulling back against the weight and squeezing the shoulder blades together at the end of the movement. Slowly extend the arms back to the starting position and repeat.


Wall push ups:

Extend both arms out straight and place hands on a wall at approximately the height of your shoulders. Walk your feet backwards to create an angle with your body. Be sure to keep your core tight and your body straight. Slowly bend at elbows bringing the face towards the wall, then push back in opposite direction. This is a modified push up!

*Complete each exercise for 10-15 repetitions and take minimal breaks between exercises. Once strength is built up, repeat the circuit 2-3 times through to increase the intensity of the workout. Be sure to conduct each movement in a slow, controlled manor. Its important to remember proper breathing tempo and good form for each exercise as well.

Cool down:

-Slow pace cardio session 5 minutes


Its important to remember to add variety and progressing to any workout program. If you're interested in a custom workout program talk to one of our trainers to help get you started!

Thanks to our trainer Tracy for volunteering to demonstrate the exercises!

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