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A Moderate Approach to Weight Loss

Some of us get trapped in the mentality that losing weight is about dieting and restriction. The truth is, it is about MODERATION. Moderating what you eat is a "learned" behaviour and is a much healthier approach to weight loss than the "All or Nothing" approach. Here's how you know you might be caught in the All or Nothing mentality. If you've ever thought "I will start my diet on Monday, so I will eat whatever I want now." OR "I can't eat that, I'm on a diet".

Author Jill Coleman talks about the importance of finding moderation when approaching weight loss. She talks about the "All or Nothing" approach that most of us end up resorting to when it comes to dieting and wanting to loose those extra pounds. Overall, it is destructive to your mindset, body and weight loss results. Jill has a pile of blog posts relating to this topic, and is an inspiration as she has suffered from this type of negative cycle herself. She has started the hashtage #moderation365 as a way of creating healthy lifestyles that are guilt, stress and shame free.

For those of you who have already given up on your new years resolutions, give this a try. Start eating better TODAY, don't wait until Monday to "start fresh". Practise eating in moderation, continue to eat your favourite foods but not as often or in a smaller portions. Nutrition is such a huge part of weight loss, but so is exercise! Try, walking on the treadmill for just 20 minutes, 3 times per week. Beginning a lifestyle change takes time, start with small changes and they will slowly transform into big results.

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